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Tallulah Delta 8 + Floating location coming to College Town October 8th, 2021!

Florida’s Largest CBD Store for People & Pets

High Quality, Organic, Third-Party Tested Premium CBD Products

Come experience the difference.

Tallulah interior counter with products

What We Offer

CBD Ice Cream

Heavenly Hash Creamery Protein PLUS is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their healthy lifestyle with a nutritious protein and CBD infused treat.
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Glass Cave

Visit our NEW Glass Cave inside our Market Square location to shop for pipes and more!
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Delta 8

Vape Cartridges, Pre-Rolls, Dabs, Distillate, Moon Rocks, Gummies, Flower, Oil Tinctures, Pain Roll-On

CBD After Hours

CBD Personal Lubricant, CBD Massage Oil, CBD Candles, CBD Chocolate, CBD Bath Bombs
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CBD Pets

CBD Dog Treats, CBD Cat Treats, CBD Cat Oil, Calming Dog Chews, CBD Dog Oil, CBD Equine Horse Oil, CBD Paw Butter, CBD Pet Shampoo, Hemp Boom Bars, CBD Pet Spray, CBD Dog Soft Chews
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CBD Sleep

Sleep Gummies, Sleep Syrup, Sleep Capsules, Sleep Chocolate, Sleep Patches, Sleep Oil Tinctures, CBN Products, Sleep Cream

Hemp Flower

Hemp Flower, Hemp Pre-Rolls, CBG Flower, CBD Flower, Hempettes, Moon Rocks, Tyson Blunt Wraps and Cones, CBD Rolling Paper, Grinders, Clipper Full Metal Lighters, SNAPZ, Hemp Cigarettes, Comet Rocks
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CBD Tea, CBD Coffee, CBD Water, CBD Lemonade, CBD Seltzer Water, CBD Juice, CBD Kava Drinks, CBD Matcha
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CBD Chocolate, CBD Gummies, CBG Gummies, CBD Snacks, CBD Protein Bars, CBD Cookies, CBD Honey, CBD Olive Oil, CBD Coconut Oil, CBD Lollipops, CBD Snacks, CBD Gum and CBD Hard Candy
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CBD Tinctures, CBG Tinctures, CBN Tinctures, CBD High Terpene Drops, CBD Mind & Body Drops, CBD Relief Drops, CBD Focus Drops, CBD Detox Drops, CBD Recover Drops, CBD Relax Drops, CBD Create Drops, CBD Sleep Drops
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CBD Softgels, CBD Boost Capsules, CBD Good Morning Capsules, CBD Multivitamin Gummies, CBD Be Sharp Capsules, CBD Sleep Capsules, CBD Relax Capsules, CBD Elderberry Syrup, CBD Keto Fat Burning Oil, and CBD Immune Boost
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Pain Management

CBD Transdermal Pain Patches, CBD Pain Cream, CBD Salve, CBD Skin Relief Cream, CBD Heated Roll-On, CBD Cooling Roll-On, CBD Foot Cream, CBD Topicals
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Skin Care

CBD Sunscreen, CBD Facial Sunscreen, CBD Facial Cleanser, CBD Coconut Oil, CBD Body Butter, CBD Moisturizer Cream, CBD Toner, CBD Cleanser and CBD Body Scrub
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CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Soaking Salts, CBD Shampoo, CBD Conditioner, CBD Coffee Body Scrub
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CBD Vape/Vaporizer

CBD Juice, CBD Shatter, CBD Crumble, CBD Dabs, CBD Vape Carts, CBD Disposable E-Sticks, CBD Vape System Kits, CBD Pods, Nicotine Vapes
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Face Masks/Hand Sanitizer

CBD Hand Sanitizer, Cotton Face Masks made in Tallahassee, Breathable Face Masks
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Bumblee Bee Kratom, Super K Kratom Extract Shot, Just Kratom Gummies, O.P.M.S Kratom, Remarkable Herbs Kratom, Whole Herbs Kratom, Boss Kava, Stay Cool CBD & Kava Drink
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CBD Hair Products, CBD Deodorant, CBD Headache Stick, CBD Menstrual Products, CBD Beard Balm, CBD Beard Oil, CBD Sleep Products, CBD Gum, CBD Cigars, Hot Flash Patches, CBD Patches
Tallulah exterior storefront with outdoor seating

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Previous Review

“Ashley (owner) is a genuine and caring person. I have tried the muscle cream and I truly love it! I work out everyday and am intentional about making sure my body is rested and recovered… this cream has really helped take me to the next level! It is also really good for minor headaches; just a little rubber on the temples and forehead have helped me so much when needed!”

Erica B
Review Rating – 5 out of 5 stars

“Very clean business, awesome selections and great information. Staff is very nice and very informative on all the products. Ashley the owner, is so nice and so helpful. Mia is a wealth of knowledge too! Ashley thank you for opening this store. Tallahassee loves you!”

Bobby W
Review Rating – 5 out of 5 stars

“Favorite CBD store in Tallahassee! Excellent products and staff is very knowledgeable on recommending what you needed. Lovely store front with a peaceful and serenity feel! The creams and gummies are wonderful. My favorite treat is the ice cream….super delicious! I highly recommend Tallulah’s!”

Martha R
Review Rating – 5 out of 5 stars

“Tallulah CBD & Juicebar has a great variety of products and there’s something for everyone. They have a roll on that really works for any pain/tightness you might get after working out. The owner, Ashley, is very knowledgeable on all of the products she sells and they have a wide selection of pet products too. Definitely worth stopping by!”

Mallory B
Review Rating – 5 out of 5 stars

“I love this store Ashley is great. They have such a huge selection of CBD products from CBD coffee and CBD ice cream to CBD snacks for pets. Ashley is so helpful in explaining the different products, I was impressed. I will definitely be back!”

Michael S
Review Rating – 5 out of 5 stars

Love this place! Extremely clean and knowledge staff. You can tell they select the very best CBD products on the market. They are a local, independent store and not affiliated with any franchise. The owner is very careful in selecting her products. I highly recommend the seltzers, honey sticks, candle, and CBD pain stick!

Kristin Z
Review Rating – 5 out of 5 stars

“Wonderful, knowledgeable staff! There are so many products to choose from, and everyone there is so helpful and educated. Every time I go in, it’s a Great experience. I have tried three products now, and they are all wonderful. Support this local business. They do not disappoint!”

Maria E
Review Rating – 5 out of 5 stars

“Love this store! High quality, organic CBD products. All price points. Great selection of CBD gummies. CBD Cigars rock! Check them out. Helpful knowledgeable staff.”

Daniel B
Review Rating – 5 out of 5 stars
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