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Legal Weed! Try our NEW THC infused slushies


TALLULAH is a 100% women-led and woman-owned Tallahassee, Florida wellness business. A former high school teacher from Seattle, Ashley Guy founded TALLULAH in September 2019. In three years she has grown TALLULAH from one to six stores in Florida and Georgia.

Ashley attends alternative product conventions all over the world and brings exciting new products to her TALLULAH stores. She was one of the first in the United States to offer Delta 8 THC products and safe and legal trippy mushrooms.

You can spot Ashley working and playing board games in the TALLULAH Kava Bar in Bannerman Crossings. She loves hiking, RV life, and attending hard rock concerts.

Try Ashley’s Favorite TALLULAH products:

  1. Kava drinks
  2. Red kratom drinks/capsules to RELAX and for PAIN
  3. CBN chocolates, gummies and tinctures for SLEEP
  5. Float Pods at the TALLULAH Railroad Store for PAIN, RELAXATION and FOCUS
  6. White kratom drinks/capsules for euphoria, mood support and energy
  7. THCa flower – for high quality premium bud