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Kava Bar

Nicotine Vape Superstore
Located at Bannerman Crossings

3437 Bannerman Rd Suite 104
Tallahassee, FL 32312

We serve the finest all natural Kava and Elixirs for everyday life to combat the stressors of our modern urban lifestyles. We want to bring you back to a simpler time, an honor to our tribal ancestors, where community and home means connection. We BULA together to celebrate our lives, our paths crossing, if only for a moment or an entire lifetime. Have a deep conversation, work remotely, or play a board game with us while relaxing and celebrating life with us. This is the Tallulah way of life.


Kava is a root from the South Pacific; exotic and earthy, this beverage is still made in the traditional way of squeezing the root and drinking from coconut shells. A natural muscle relaxer, kava gives you a natural sense of calm and wellbeing without affecting cognitive or motor skills.


Elixir is a tea leaf from Southeast Asia with deep roots in Chinese and South Eastern Asian medicine. This immune-boosting miracle plant is brewed into teas and may provide relief for countless symptoms. With four primary strains, elixir can deliver feelings of happiness, euphoria, energy, and more.

Botanicals on Tap

Tallulah offers a bountiful variety of emergent sparkling botanical teas on tap for maximized happiness. Let our kavatenders be your guide on a journey to your better self. Our taps are brewed with love to uplift your mood and deliver a vibrant sense of wellbeing. Pick your plant buzz!